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THIS IS., 2020

As the loss of life due to this devastating virus continues to mount, there is a noticeable lack of human-centric stories available to the public. Much loved and missed souls have succumbed to the virus in Israel and around the world, and their families have been left behind to deal with the wake of those losses.


This multi-media project aims to humanize the experience of those left behind by  exploring the grieving process of Nikki, a woman who lost both her parents to COVID-19.

Featured in: UK Telegraph, SKY & ITV News.



My 3-year-old daughter weaned herself. One day, we were just done, very unceremoniously.

Instead of feeling relieved I felt empty. It went on, and on and on. Everyday I woke up feeling so sad, and I couldn't sleep. I couldn’t get it together. I started to worry that something was wrong. I did some research, and spoke with some professionals, and learned that post weaning depression is a thing, and all of its symptoms were exactly what I had been experiencing. 


I took this self portrait in the midst of this time; torn between thinking I should feel one way but actually feeling another.


On this day, Israel closed it borders, restricted the movement of people, and slowly began shutting down life as we knew it. March 11th was also the day my 77-year-old mother arrived for what was meant to be a three-week visit. She ended up living with us in our two-bedroom Tel Aviv apartment for three months. 

This is our story. 


After I gave birth, I struggled with post partum anxiety; shaken by the enormous responsibility I had suddenly been given, I experienced graphic intrusive thoughts and was paralyzed by fear. Motherhood wasn't anything like I had imagined nor had I ever seen a single image of the reality I was living. 

On the third day after giving birth, I asked my husband to help me document my experience. 


The photos became physical proof that my daughter and I were safe, the project became an integral part of my healing journey, and today I promote #honestpostpartum awareness in the hopes more women can go into this transformational period with a more accurate understanding of what to expect. 

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